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Established in 2003 by sole Architect Matthew J. Mercieca, Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects [MJMDA] now embraces and excels at designing and executing projects in their entirety thanks to its strongly melded multi-disciplined team. This project methodology is not co-incidental and was one of the key visions of the founder to carry projects from the concept stages right through the finishes until they are in a user-ready state. MJMDA, in almost all cases has managed since its inception to assure by way of commitment a truly user relevant and user enhancing architectural solution.

We have experienced in the Maltese context, a prevalent approach to architecture as a fragmented one and more meaning structure or shell rather than architecture. This approach falls all too short of the mandate architecture has for people. There exists locally, a perceived limitation of the architect known as the 'Perit'. A Structure or MEPA is merely a trifle in the life of a building, and a fragment of our capabilities. MJMDA offers real solutions to enhance lifestyle or business.

This belief has attained superior quality of architecture over many years and has yielded more satisfied end users who have had the courage and wisdom to define their needs in detail and invest in the right customised design, documentation, specification and supervision to make it all truly possible. The attention to the end product, as well as the vision, has made it possible for a large proportion of MJMDA’s projects to be reviewed in international publications, websites, local magazines, academic work and cultural publications.

A sound reputation has been earned by MJMDA’s hard work with customers to whom a high level of quality, usability and meticulous planning is imperative. Contractors of quality have through their collaboration with MJMDA come to value the preparation that allows their artisan skills to shine. End users have repeatedly put their trust in the highly transparent and amenable procedures of the firm. They have come of appreciate the clarity in the firms direct and effective advice that consistently and objectively lays out project facts before our clients to make the right decision for their needs consistently.

With a comprehensive list of projects completed, the team has amassed a cutting edge working spirit and refined expertise. The firm has been commissioned with the execution of a key number of projects in development ranging from single new-build dwellings, single unit rehabilitations, multi-unit dwellings, food and beverage outlets, retail outlets and offices and office complexes.

The advent of more stringent building regulations with regards to minimum Energy Requirements and Energy Audits to be carried out as from 2009 continues to seal the need for all development to be well designed, adequately specified and have an environmental conscience. In order to lead by example between November 2006 and February 2007 all the architects in the firm committed to more sustainable means of transport. The architects and the firm partnered to purchase BMW C1 motorbikes that assist them in offering our services more efficiently, using less fossil fuels and causing less on road congestion.

By carrying out its vision, the firm provides the right service and background to supply our local and also international markets with viable buildings responsive to as many constraints as possible whilst maintaining human sensitivity.
Q3 2011.