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Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects provides a customised design solution for all of its clients. No two of our projects are the same because all our clients are different. We do not mass produce but customise for many quality seeking clients. We take a detailed brief from our clients or assist in the formulation of one by means of customised MJMDA Tools such as the Online Profiler. We then use our client's detailed brief in relation to project context, legal issues, design aims, and a long list of influencing factors to deliver an effective balanced design solution using the latest design technologies. Design and imagery is then transformed into the design detail and documentation crucial to obtaining quotations and indispensable for project execution and certification.

Always keeping in focus the design user experience, and the real aims for carrying out a project, we ride above the complex route a project must take, better ensuring long term success. Thinking about the finishes and furnishing in detail when we have not even physically started on the construction, together with obsessive design management, takes our projects to new heights of quality and usability.

All this is achievable using an integrated design process and a synchronised vision from the project conception right to the concluding details.