Limber Lattice

Location : Lija

Status : Completed November 2018

2019 Winner: Premju Emanuele Luigi Galizia - Quality Architecture Award


A workplace is a cloud, a space where we are required to enter into a state of focus and often collaboration; a space where we need to be led and motivated. An office building should guide the visitor and worker into its arms and inspire before being capable to instill focus and collaboration. As a group of people collaborate to create a sum that is greater than the individuals and hence the space the enter when they go to work should inspire greatness. The work of architecture being proposed has been designed integrally and stems from needs to structure to architecture to interiors in a dexterous swipe. Strung between two large planes to the left and right of the site a grid is conceived to optimize each aspect of the building. The grid is literally strung between the two opposing walls to create spaces and volumes that inspire greatness and confidence.

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Photography: Peter M. Mercieca.