Minim Semi-D

Location : San Pawl tat Targa

Status : Completed June 2019

The most striking aspect of this property is that it is bounded on one side, and enjoys vast openness on the other. Throughout the design process, an analogy was drawn with how the brain works. The left size is closed in order to achieve a certain functionality and categorize all that comes in from outside, the right.
The active front that connects with the views works perfectly with the vibrant space for the pool and outside dining. The quieter and more secluded back garden achieves a connection with a more tranquil side of nature where time and tranquility are of the essence. The front is a place for the enjoyment of the immediate whilst the back provides a space for the individual to rest and take in all that is beyond. This is further enhanced by the fact that this space is reached through the decent into the ground itself.
The material treatment reflects these ideas; as one moves towards the outside, the treatment of the materials lighten to open opening up. This is reflected mostly in the way the timber is used. The use of a graded shade of the same timber is the most immediately striking example of how this effect is achieved. Another element that contributes to this feeling is the use of moveable elements, like the sliding unit as a mobile divisor between kitchen, living and dining, in order to achieve functional flexibility. This moveable unit of the entrance hall will achieve a unique effect of varying the links between the key spaces.

Photography: Peter Mark Mercieca