Simple High

Location : Fort Cambridge

Status : Completed Oct 2012

We find ourselves high up almost a dozen floors of the recently finished Fort Cambrige Apartments development. A narrow entrance hallway leads us to a large area naturally well lit, offering a superb view. Here the main daily activities unite, including entertainment, cooking, dining and some study.

The exhilarating view was our primary inspiration. Over the Sliema developments, we face Manoel Island and Valletta’s fortifications. A source of limestone and other natural materials surely cannot go unnoticed.  A dash of coolness reflected from aquamarine sea and blue skies balance out the warmth of such elements.

Upon entrance a central element brings together a pleasant desk, and an additional storage/ library on the living area side, allowing a private corner dedicated to personal relaxation.

A central storage element divides the kitchen from the sleeping rooms and main bathroom. This division is also enclosed by a sliding glass partition, increasing privacy towards the sleeping rooms from the entertainment area whilst allowing light to illuminate the anti-space created.


Photography courtesy of Rossignaud.