place perfect

Location : Gzira

Status : Completed June 2011

Detail, detail, detail. A totally transformed amazing apartment with long distance view of valletta and cutting edge amenities.

We are often times relegated to a visually dominated world in our presejt day environment. And images attempt to define the way we feel. In reality however, there are other sendes which we can tap into to create a sensory loop to create and ultimate living space. Can sound become a prism for light to create colours? We think it can.

We have taken the brief requirement of a sound control space as the generator and spark of our design journey. The sound room has therefore been strategically placed at the centre of the apartment and although almost hidden away, it is reconnected to the hall and living spaces by way of a sound linked pulsating glass box; that also houses prized instruments almost as artifacts frozen in time but lit with coloured light. Apart from that the sound space can interlink to the rest of the living areas and symbiotically recieve natural light whilst giving a pulse to the home.

The glazed box becomes a metaphor of the palette of materials and colours found in the apartment. Light: natural and artificial become refracted throughout the home to provide for a soft realisation of colours in sympathy with the milder colours requested.  

Sight and sound unite; leaving touch, taste and smell to the users delight.