Small Apple

Location : Gzira

Status : Completed Dec 2012

The pad for a busy financier travelling from Malta to New York & back, this apartment needed to soften the transition from being in the midst of the action to being in the middle of the med. Conceived as an inter-dimensional gateway from New York to Malta, this apartment was designed with a multicultural DNA and playful big apple parallels in mind. In this way, the psychological cushioning works to keep a sense of familiarity between the two environments performing better in both. The city lights become the base choice for colour selection in the yellow and orange scales, and verticality and linear grand elements abound throughout to elicit the city feeling. The functional benefit and particular orientation of the apartment made possible the uptake of a small room in the middle of the apartment to create a receptacle of natural light and greenery: the perfect central park is born to ensure wellbeing through natural light & ventilation.


Photography : Peter M. Mercieca