Stark Blocks

Location : St. Julian's

Status : Completed July 2014

As a clean lined, Nordic feel residence, ‘Stark Blocks’ is a luxurious duplex penthouse where mass like compositions in custom carpentry using natural materials were juxtaposed over stone floors, to achieve simplicity as well as sophistication. These were designed to give a sense of complexity and sharpness to otherwise rather bland & oddly proportioned spaces that resulted from a MEPA prescriptive design methodology.

Although the space available was limited, the design approach made possible the maximisation of the available area, related to the use of each function within the open plan, in order to achieve better unity and flow, whilst using the outdoor spaces to enlarge the indoor space visually.  The individual spaces themsleves may be transformed to stand out as being entirely entertaining and dynamic or simply provide a calming environment. The users have the unique opportunity to either have a dip in the bubbling tub on the terrace or lounge by the fire overlooking the scenic Balluta Bay on one side of the property.  On the opposite terrace, and more practically located close to the kitchen one can grill out on the BBQ and later lie on the outdoor sofa bed whilst taking in the view of the Portomaso Marina.

The long kitchen island subtending  the living/kitchen space also creates the ideal base for multiples uses: to use the space for any family activity, to make cocktails for a house party, or to have a restorative breakfast the morning after!

Throughout the penthouse, hints of yellow and orange act as highlights in the chosen material palette. The rather elegant and deluxe three seater sofa accompanying the kitchen/living space provides the ultimate relaxing spot to watch TV, admire the view, or lounge and chat. Moreover the on-stand TV may be rotated to be used for internal or external viewing thus maximising the use of space and functionality in this sui generis residence.

Photography: Peter M. Mercieca; Selected furniture items: Camilleriparismode and Boconcept.