urban chic

Location : Sliema

Status : Completed Sep 2009

Despite the very small space and area, the 'Urban Chic' apartment is about transitions and inner transport. Timber masses with their outlines alight were set afloat over a white fluid resin floor. One mass was shaped to become functional storage & bar in the living space. Another was turned into one of two psychological restrictions. The narrowing space between the timber surfaces concealing laundry, box room, guest restroom and control room uses space wisely & simultaneously deters entry & enhances a sense of safety & self.

The apartment has two bedrooms, initially long & narrow that were re-configured to make both work. Each have their own en-suite. The second bedroom is a light material set room with floors becoming walls & the structural concrete support kept pure & evident. The main bedroom was conceived through a blend of analysis of living patterns & sequences (bathing-clothing-sleeping-relaxing) and further tunneling into the sanctum comfort zone of the bed. Taking the abstracted path from the entrance to the bed takes one to physical & mental rest.

The living space was designed to satisfy many more practical uses. A mostly concealed kitchen provides a pivot and vantage point providing the balance between a toned workstation & the curvaceous plush 'Tufty' by B&B. A Porro glazed table sits by attended by Arper leather chairs. To heighten the senses orange back-sprayed crystal clear glazing, Foscarini O-Space & mosaic were used to spike yet unite the experience.

Photography Peter M. Mercieca.