Disquiet B Side

Location : Swieqi

Status : In progress

That which we cannot grasp, constantly eludes is that which we seek all the time.

In the constant buzz of the now, the frantic activity that we call our daily life seems to be an unavoidable condition which each and every one of us is fated to. And it is in this condition that, perhaps more than ever we appreciate every second of silence and repose that we can experience. The contemporary design approach is constantly striving to quieten spaces, be it with less materials, cleaner details, seamless integration; less of this and that…

Yet this quietude is a fleeting emotion that cannot be positively or physically created and crafted. It can only be brought out by the perfect juxtaposition of real elements that somehow create a gap where this emotion can happen. Much like the way the emotion of music is experienced in the between the physical sounds of the individual notes, the light that cuts the various parts of the building will enable a space to be created between elements that gives rise to a composition that we react to and engage with. The active creation of some space between a number of elements means that we are encouraged to quieten our thoughts and repose our actions. Silence is of the essence.

The project seeks to explore ways to create this silence, tries to bring out and resonate those fleeting moments.

Daily disquiet is replaced by THIS quiet.