Age Skewing Age

Location : Siggiewi

Status : Completed Dec 2011

Things and places could just lie in disrepair for decades: motionless and decaying.  As they lie there, taking on unwelcome intruders, environmental attack and corrosion, they long for somebody to re-establish a need to use them.  Inanimate objects may not really be just that.  They interact with each other and us to give us an experience.  But it takes time, effort and investment to bring about a force of transformation over these objects.

This force of change is something that takes courage to grapple with.  And our urban fabric requires evermore an effective force with the right skills to bring about the change we all require to live better.  In relation to these skills time is a particular variable.  Projects can have definitive targets and take a very short time, and others may be more indefinite requiring their own time.  From six weeks to six months to a year or four the relative timing of a project to the potential lifetime becomes almost indistinguishable.

Rather convoluted and prior home to several animals in dark humid rooms in the original courtyard, this farmhouse was left to its own devices for a long time.  Flaking paint, crumbling walls, decay: all present at the outset.  The determining force of change took form in a couple of two professionals, who could start getting a hint that changing the purpose of this place was possible.  Their brief meant that the crowded courtyard buildings had to go, and that the entrance could act as a key axis from the inside, to the pool area and back to an indoor space, a lure of sorts creating a suggested path to follow.

On either side of the entrance, and in synchronicity to the view lines to the outside, storage cabinets doubling up as sources of light were designing to add functionality to the space: coat hanger, storage, key holders, mood light and service cabinet.  To the left a generous study was created and to the right a two car garage that opens up onto the pool area. 

Photography: Raimondo Di Egidio,  courtesy of Homeworks.