Maison'ette' Texturale

Location : Balzan

Status : Completed Dec 2009

The infrastructure in the old house was multi-volumetric and fragmented. Walking through the front garden, entrance corridor and old yard suggested a series of masses juxtaposed in a formation to suggest motion. However the motion was broken up and inconsistent and moreover the house's living experience was limited and introverted. Conceptually however, these masses reminded me of the De Stijl movement. I sensed a desire for the house to have wanted to be a top dog of times past that never materialised.

We used our present day mind set and under laid the historical departure point as the basis for the homes transformation and re-birth. The overlapping masses were virtualised into an open plan still creating highly functional and performing home areas such as the custom designed kitchen. The masses were given a diverse materiality in the same key (dimensionally) with amazing sensorial results. The kitchen island becomes a skylight, that become a custom designed marble table that in turn becomes a re-dimensioning device over the living space and doubling up as a giver of light and cool air. On a different trail a horizontal timber plane becomes a vertical sliding door and then a timber backdrop concealing a hidden door.

The new passage through the home is an exchange and transfer of energies leading us from the entrance to the back yard, all set over a concrete canvas.

Photography Peter Mark Mercieca.