Old spawns New spawns Light

Location : Naxxar

Status : Completed Jun 2010

It may not be an easy road to look at your old shoes and have the courage to believe that they will once again be new. Architecture reserves the pleasure to make such an impossibility possible. By addressing the core needs and values required in a quality living environment and home, this house carried with it a baggage of a caverous nature. This state of living in itself motivated a transformation. The ever invaluable injections and penetrations of light, coupled with a clean centralised flow and point to point connectivity instead of a previously labyrinthine access did all to give more to the dwellers.

A natural growth of volumes seems to captivate the development of the project. The old walls are rooted in the ground and respected; fresh new volumes are added on; and finally in an act of lightness a final layer of projections completed the voluminar typology. The three-some meld together to form an architectural journey possible in our contemporary world. Multi-functional, grounded, organised, natural and forward looking.

The suggestion of lightness in the lightweight timber projections, and their slits of light exposing the sky, is further enhanced in the staircase. Strands of flattened steel hang as though from the heavens supporting the core of the lightweight staircase. A common element to the old, the new and the light, the staircase provides a common psycological reference point that holds us closer to our perceiced reality.

Photos by Alan Carville Eve © Publications 2011