Solid Porosity

Location : Sliema

Status : Completed July 2016

Wide open spaces and an indoor to outdoor transparency; a temporal reserved state of mind with hints of rock and soul; an elegant touch with some mystique. All these elements have come together as though they were sediments in a large block of hard stone. A work of architecture that presents itself as a block standing clean and strong: with a protectionist façade, and guardian from the southern sun. Filtering through this pliable mass are the forces of nature and the passage of specific humans. Perforations let light in, and make possible harnessing views. They permit flow and living.


Upon entrance this rock is brought inside and wraps around the vertical masses supporting the concrete staircase. A timber mass on the left hand side forms part of the integral design strategy as this is both functional and aesthetically important. It starts off with a coat/ shoe storage, becoming a seat and decorative lamp, transforming into an open library, and ending off as a TV and multi-media unit. The living and lounge picks up on a metaphorical tone; imagine, lavender fields; soft and delicate, touches of white, blue grey and green hues. The kitchen design is clean yet still natural, emphasised by a timber ‘wall’ which is the main kitchen hub for storage and cooking. A central island aids for the cooking triangle, giving ample space for food preparation and breakfast counter.


The main bedroom picks up on an eastern influence based on Salman Rushdie roots. The palette varies from warm timber flooring, orange and blue hues, to patterned decorative elements such as the round carpet placed in the cosy reading zone. The bed is a custom contemporary version of a four poster bed. By means of a soffit detail, a curtain drops softly around the master bed. A direct walk-in wardrobe for him and her is linked to the sleeping zone with also close proximity to the main ensuite shower, separated by a patterned frosted glass from floor to ceiling.

Photography: Peter Mark Mercieca.