Adam and Eve

Location : Sliema

Status : In progress

Guesthouse Sliema

The project is a playful take on Contrasts; Adam and Eve, Soft and Hard, Yin and Yang, Modern and Traditional, punctuated with surprise hedonistic elements. The building fits the context but still retaining its own unique identity.

This theme is extended to the exterior façade of the project, with juxtaposition of glass and Maltese stone with modern parametric twist. The transparent storefront gives a glimpse of what’s in store inside to the visitors and passerby.

From the lobby the Breakfast Dining is entered through a Timber clad passageway that frames the rear yard’s hero-element, The Tree. The passageway opens out to a bright sunlight filled dining area that overlooks the pool in the basement level below. On one side is the “Green Wall”, bamboos

and water and on the other side is the modern outdoor terrace with art work and design elements.