In Rilievo

Location : GHAXAQ

Status : Designed Nov 2014

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a lone and barren house. Along came Buxwejka who stopped and looked with awe; ‘What is this I see?!’ she wondered. Buxwejka was curious and decided to peep inside. As she opened the old door light illuminated the dusty forgotten space. Buxwejka was overcome with excitement. She stopped, looked around and exclaimed, ‘This shall be my palace!’.

Buxwejka danced and spun and moved from space to space allowing the lively music surrounding her to realise the potential of this relic treasure! She took action and with some help from her friends blew away all cobwebs and swept all the dust! Her palace started to take shape as the accretions were put aside while rhythm and proportion directed the whole performance. The courtyard became her stage and the staircase a musical ribbon which flowed seamlessly linking a series of high and low pitched spaces.

After all the hard work Buxwejka looked at her palace and could not believe her eyes.

‘This is my home! In Rilievo!’ she claimed, and she lived on and on and on..