Minim Semi-D

Location : Mosta

Status : Designed Oct 2015

The most immediately sticking aspect that was taken from the side, was that one side is closed by the boundary while on the other side, there is a vast openness. Throughout the design process, an analogy was drawn with the way the brain works. One side (the left) is closed in order to achieve a certain functionality and categorize all that comes in from outside (the right). This other side is the open side that receives from the outside world in an open way and goes back to the outside with what the left has categorized and understood. This process clarified and enriched the way the house should be experienced especially to achieve an important connection with the outside countryside.

The active front that connect with the views works perfectly with the vibrant space for the pool and outside dining. While the quieter and more secluded back garden will achieve a connection with a more tranquil side of nature where time and tranquility are of the essence. The front is a place for the enjoyment of the immediate, social aspect the back provides a space for the individual to rest and stare that which is beyond. This is further enhanced by the fact that this space is reached through the decent into the ground itself.