MUZA National Museum

Location : Valletta

Status : Designed Feb 2014

Needing something (a muse) to come up with a concept for the same something (a muse) is a cyclical requirement that would normally spawn an error in our day to day technologically dominated lives.  By default a muse/muza sparks off from a desire to need to be inspired, followed by a sensitivity and curiosity by any creative individual.  However, listen too hard or get distracted, and you may not grasp what is fleetingly whispered to you, whether by some physical embodiment of this muse (historical) or more undefinable in our minds eye (contemporised).  This process described by artists, poets and creative individuals as somewhat of an intangible phenomenon, with some light possibly being shed on it from the field of quantum mechanics through quantum entanglement.  Can two distinct elements interact across space to create enlightenment?  Is this process a phenomenon of our physical/metaphysical universe?  These are all deep questions that are seemingly very relevant to the desire to create an innovative and reusable concept for cultural locations capable of displaying Malta’s cultural heritage.  One hopes that the process leads to discovery and hopefully surprise.