ONE Black & White

Location : Valletta

Status : Designed July 2014

Retaining the middle of the existing flooring determined the monochromatic, classic look in the first apartment - tinted with cyanotic blue tones and a modern touch One takes us back to the Roaring Twenties.  The living area is bright and airy, the white counter part of the black and white photograph.  Modern volumes camouflage themselves, ensuring the space remains predominantly aged.  The gastronomic volume descends from the ceiling, in a sleek grey. The wardrobe seems to grow from the floor, clad in mico-cement, it blends with the walls and flooring. Through the blue doors you’re engulphed into the black, darker tones of the monochromatic residence. Sit down on the plush, leather upholstered bed and look up, ponder on the ceiling print. Should the room be a little too sombre for your liking try out the blue balcony window seat, and enjoy the views and the sun.