Space Color Action

Location : Hamrun

Status : Designed Dec 2016

Whenever we embark on learning something new, there is always the heady feeling of a number of things coming together that any learning institution experiences. The students are mostly young filled with a mix of possibility and uncertainty of what this new world will be like. Most enter with the typical preconcieved images symptomatic of outsiders to a certain field. These will meet people who know the ropes and impart the rules (written & unwritten) to the students and also introduce students into the subculture of their particular field. A media school is perhaps one of the more appropiate examples of this. Not only will this be a learning institution, but that the field itself is so full of creative potential where the latent energy in new students is one of their crucial assets. Most wishing ernestly to express, few know how, all have to get their hands dirty. Any design that encapsulates this experience has to take into account three crucial aspects; youthful energy, dialectic of process & art and communication.