The Woven One

Location : Kercem

Status : Designed March 2012

We stand on a site beside a valley, but are not exactly on its edge.
We can take in the greenery and views but we do not really lie on the ultimate frontier of the gorge.  This site now needs to be brought into use.  But where apparently neither the urban nor the valley has triumphed, who will have the last word?
None of them.  We are proposing to let the valley flow into the build and through it.  We want to allow the old stepped pathways leading to the valley take on renewed significance into and through the home.  Only this time they will also lead into a release towards the sky.  The intrepid collision is then frozen in time and tamed to form an architectural whole that will allow the human to call home.  This is a place to enjoy the earth and sky; somewhere to be psychologically elevated and renewed. 

This is 'The Woven One'.