Vintage Trunk

Location : San Gwann

Status : Designed May 2009

A reason to lay back and enjoy; a holiday feeling at home!  A journey has been thought out through the home to give the users a sense of wellbeing.  Borne out of a dream, the design takes you over bridges surrounded by palms, offers visual concealment and holds secrets to be discovered.
Whether it is a fire table behind a bamboo brush, an ice box in the form of a light fitting, a valley view, a fully-fledged kitchen behind a slick bar counter, a private bedroom space behind sliding wall panels or a comfortable ensuite behind rope curtains.

The realisation simply means:
Excitement around a fire, drinks with friends, being in touch with nature, plugging in to contemporary kitchen culture and lifestyle while not impacting privacy and a sense of tactility and sensation against your skin each time you wake up and go to sleep.