Location : Birzebbugia

Status : Completed Sept 2013

Primarily a lack of light abounds. So excavating a central core of light gives a breath of life to all the workings of the office; leaving the existing marginally modified periferal windows to act as picture frames onto the surrounding environment. The central core becomes a communicative interface between various parts of the office boosting its productivity. The metaphor of the stratified rock is then carried externally in the way the facade manifests itself and internally in the way materials are selected. We also playfully imagine that between these strata black gold trickles on the walls to play with our minds a while. Always keeping in mind saybolt’s corporate image we directly refer to the blue, white, grey colours, which is clearly visible through the clean spaces created and coloured fabric.

The boardroom an oil bubble which has just reached the earth surface, objects turn into a black finish. A rope curtain with a print of an oily fist becomes an idiom of perseverance within the industry.


Photography : Peter M. Mercieca 


Styling: Calamatta landscapes with potted plant, Dex with Vitra, SCG ltd with Boss design.