TBG Offices

Location : St. Julians

Status : Completed Sept 2016

The brief for the reception desk consisted of two main points that at first sight appear contradictory. The first is a functional requirement of two levels for the counter; one at 1150 and the other at 1050mm from the floor level. The second was the need to obtain a clean aesthetic in the final design. In trying to make the change in height that would be required, the best option was to create two volumes that would look independent having different materials.

The front is clad with a white statuario marble to give the reception that detail of the material itself and then covered with a black-sprayed glass to keep the edges clean and light. These are glues to a black plywood base. The way this desk is going to be assembled means that it will support itself and can also be disassambled into flat pieces should another relocation occur.


Photography Peter M. Mercieca