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  • The time required at completing this questionnaire is approximately 1-2 hours due to the specific details asked to better understand your requirements.  You could also take you time and complete an individual section at a time, saving and returning to carry on another section at a later time. 

  • ALL required questions within each section must be answered. If not, the system will inform you of unanswered questions and specifically indicate which. Once a section is completed, it is important to select ‘Save’. This will allow you to answer the following section.

  • If you require something that we have for in the questionnaire please specify in the text fields available at the end of each section.

  • If you require viewing an already answered question in another section, you can simply select the corresponding tab and it will expand. In order to return to answering the rest of the questions, you must expand the last completed section (this would display a tick symbol on the right hand side of the orange tab), scroll to its bottom and click on save. This will take you to the next, unanswered set of questions. 

  • You may notice a bulb icon on the right hand side of several of the questions. Clicking on it will provide you with helpful information to assist you in answering that particular question.

  • Finally, a report  of all the questions and answers can be downloaded for your record.

  • This questionnaire and any submitted files are considered confidential and intended solely for the use of the firm in better understanding the client’s requirements.

  • This questionnaire is best viewed on latest updated browsers.

  • A nominal standard fee of €50 inc. Vat will apply to taking this questionnaire when users availing of the service and report.


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