Planning Applications

MJMDA is not an architectural firm entwined in the cobwebs of MEPA. As a firm we do not look at planning applications as the be all and end all of a project, simply because we believe a permit does not constitute architecture, let alone good architecture. Ultimately the aim of our role in society is to create good architecture and design.

Our strategic approach to Planning applications, which over the last decade have dealt with all area designations [UCA, Scheme, ODZ] and several class uses, is one where the project quality is put first. We work towards obtaining planning permission for our clients as a right. We aim to prove through our hard work that the solutions at hand are the fruit of careful and responsible consideration. This is evidenced in the detail of our planning applications. We often dissuade clients to peruse a rushed product whose sole purpose is approval.

We work on the integrity and detail of our projects respecting as many project requirements as possible including MEPA policy, assuring the amenity, usability and project quality intent.

This methodology has proven to have a high success rate and drastically cuts down the need for amended applications, and additions to a design because of poorly considered submissions.