Project Management

Our inhouse project managers are experienced architects with additional Project Management aptitude and training. We insist that this role is clearly defined for all projects and our clients benefit from Project Managers that are tightly knit with the team.

The task list of this role usually includes:

  • Consultancy on possible site issues and implications during working drawing preparation.
  • Assistance in obtaining quotations as per working drawing packages.
  • Vetting of submitted offers for completion.
  • Creation of a Gantt Chart for tasks and resources.
  • Ensuring contracts supplied by architects/designers are presented to be signed by contractors and clients in the presence of the architects for the required time slice
  • Organising and scheduling tradesmen/suppliers on site in the appropriate sequence.
  • Organising and scheduling product orders and tracking them for timely delivery on site.
  • Assuring the correct application and sequence of working drawings and timely performance of the tradesmen, whilst referring to the architect to visit the site and give additional instruction to contractors whenever necessary.
  • Liaising with the architect on all matters that may change the specified works in any way.
  • The project manager shall not modify working drawings or specifications and this is the sole remit of the architects in conjunction with the client.
  • Notifying the client or their representatives, the architect or contractors requiring attention or action.
  • Snagging to completion the works in question.

In general, it is also to be noted that:

  • Regular reporting as to status of the project or tasks is up kept with respect to PM;
  • To facilitate site control, security, legality and basic health & safety on site;