Services Overview

When we say vision to completion we mean just that. In terms of professional services provision, MJMDA will see you through your every need in a transparent and accessible way. As we recommend to all our clients when buying products, so to we recommend that you enter into the details of what services you are buying. When comparing professional firms, do not make the mistake of only looking at the professional fees. Look carefully at what you get in return. Our offering packs in the required services to make for a cost effective project path and minimisation of work repetition and maximisation of resources.

Differentiating itself from other architectural & engineering firms, MJMDA has the best online services offering including:

  1. Online Profiler [an excellent way to start compiling the information you need to start your project].
  2. Client User Access [The possibility for contract clients to view all documents around the clock, to order prints, to review other project data].
  3. Contractor User Access [The direct insertion of contractor offers online for swifter and more transparent compilation - Coming Soon!].

Matthew James Mercieca Design Architects follow a detailed and organised process management based on the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 to deliver a high quality service. The firm advocates structured stages to provide our clients with:

  1. Compiling a brief and understand needs and limitations [please have a look at our unique Online Profiler!].
  2. High impact design and presentation process to crystallise ideas and client dreams.
  3. Rigorous preparation of working drawing documents and specifications, for ALL building components including architecture, structure, building services, finishes; that describe in detail the requirements of the project to all parties involved.
  4. Site supervision together with contract management and cost control.
  5. Measurement & Certification.
  6. Project Management to carefully plan and actuate works in a timely fashion.
  7. Further consultancy in key areas that particular projects may require.

Please have a look at the scrolling banner to give a clue of some of MJMDA's deliverables. This will certainly familiarise our present and future clients with the level of service and expertise offered.