Carlos Rodriguez Romero

Since a very young age, Carlos was deeply interested in everything that had something to do with construction. You would often find him sneaking in construction sites outside of labor hours, or running errands for the workers, just for the sake of witnessing the works being carried out in first person.
Later, in his college years, he didn’t find this curiosity satisfied while studying Civil Engineering, so merely two years before finishing his studies, he decided to quit, in order to pursue a different career that allowed him to be closer to the action. Following this instinct, he signed up for a course in Project Managing, where he would soon stand out, due to a combination of the knowledge acquired in University, and the experience in the field gathered throughout his whole life.

After successfully obtaining his title as Higher Technician in Project and Site Management for Building and Civil works, he was awarded with a scholarship, giving him the opportunity of doing an internship abroad. Turning a deaf ear to friends and family, he chose Malta over other countries like UK or Germany, and started working (first as an intern, and as full time employee after completing his internship) for ARCStudio Ltd., a firm focused mostly in restoration.

With the experience gained, he arrived at MJMDA in July 2017, where he puts his skills to good use on the firms projects in several roles.

Outside the office, Carlos likes to spend his time playing videogames, reading, or cooking. Also a great fan of any activity that involves good friends, fresh air and some nice food and beers.