Anna Nora Gurgone

With her 5-year degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, obtained in Italy, Anna is able to tackle both the technical and creative aspects of a project.

She moved to London in 2015 where she started her career managing luxury properties owned by Italian investors. She was also in charge of the maintenance team's management.

When the company decided to expand in the market of building renovation, she was fully involved in several refurbishments of Victorian houses located in Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham.

During these years, her role covered mainly management and coordination of all the aspects of a refurbishment project, from obtaining the planning permission from the Local Council to the interior design phase and from the construction phase to placing on the property on the market.

Anna is Sicilian and found Malta to be the perfect place to live and work.  The people, weather and growth of the construction industry on the island convinced her to leave the UK and take this great opportunity in Malta.

Anna joined MJMDA in November 2018 with the aim and enthusiasm to work for a company with an international profile and portfolio. This role will provide a significant opportunity to enhance her skills and knowledge.

In her spare time Anna loves to travel, cook, read which she believes are the recipe for giving life to the years and not more years to our life.