Tuan Bui Quang

Tuan recently joined the MJMDA team.  A fresh graduate in Architecture Technology and Construction Management, he joined the company with the goal of applying his knowledge and what he had learnt whilst broadening his horizons.

Tuan originally comes from Vietnam.  But since a young age, he had been living in Hungary and studied in an Economic University in Budapest during his college year.  He did enjoy studying Economy and decided to venture out to the world of travel and work in order to find his true passion.  Fortunately, he found his calling in the Architecture and Construction Sector and decided to follow his instinct by applying for the Architectural Technology and Construction Management course in the University College of Nordjylland in Denmark where he got introduced to several Designing tools and techniques.

After working as an intern for an Architectural firm in Denmark, Tuan once again, decided to venture further afield in order to gain more experience, knowledge and most importantly, honing his skills.

Having lived in several other countries before coming to Malta, he got exposed to many cultures, ideas and thus, shaping his interest in the latest technologies, trends, styles and designing tools of Architecture and Construction Business!