Michael J. Brewer

Mike is considered as the “veteran” of the team with nearly 40 years of insightful expertise gained from a vast number of organisations, development, hospitality and retail industries in the UK, Cyprus, Malta and Qatar.

Having built on a degree in Civil Engineering with infrastructure experience he arrived here in 1995 to work on the construction of Freeport Terminal 2 and soon embraced the Maltese culture and way of life to such an extent that he got married and made it his home.

His career progressed with numerous projects for the Vassallo Builders Group where he became their Projects Director and developer of Feeling Engineering which teaches people to ensure that reality is maintained in the ever increasing virtual world that surrounds them.

An urge for further development and involvement in iconic projects took him and his wife to Qatar where they spent more than 3 years experiencing and learning about everything that a rapidly developing Middle East country is going through.

For Mike this meant experiencing mega-projects such as a palace, hotels, hospitals, universities, roads, world cup stadium, reverse osmosis plant and even a carousel with value management, which he has merged with Feeling Engineering and broadened into his personal brand of Feeling Value.

It is the “real-life” enhancement of the value of human and financial benefits throughout the full life cycle of projects, organisations, products and services with an emphasis on the human element. It synergises with the MJMDA ethos and is being used with Mike’s mentoring skills to continue the progressive advancement of the Firm.

As a true Piscean Mike adores the Maltese sea and spends plenty of his time swimming in it and enjoying the associated hospitality with his family, who also accompany him to watch and support the Maltese rugby team.