Matthew James Mercieca

Practising architect of almost 20 years, having graduated in 1999 in Architecture and Civil Engineering Design Stream at the University of Malta, with a semester at Virginia Tech University in Virginia, USA.  Matthew has also furthered his studies by attending a Masters level course in New Entertainment Design at the Politechnico di Milano in 2006.

As founder and senior architect and CEO of MJMDA since 2003, Matthew has been commissioned and has completed numerous residential, commercial, food and beverage and hospitality projects with a unified design approach: one that sees a continuous thread from project inception to completion.  His vision is to integrate design and deliver results that are user ready, functional and enjoyable, very much as one would a well-designed and thought out product. Several of his works have been reviewed in local and international publications, referenced in academic papers and dissertations as well as in cultural publications. His works have won awards by Din L’Art Helwa and he was awarded Best Architecture Entrepreneur of the Year for 2016.

Since the 2008/2009 academic year, Matthew was recruited to tutor students in Architectural Design at the Faculty of the Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Malta, presently the Faculty of the Built Environment.