Nathan Martin

Nathan’s start was less artistic than his current mind set.  Starting out with business management studies, Nathan always felt the need to create something tangible. During an experience of 3 years in real estate, Nathan found himself delving more and more into interior design as a natural path as he could identify with the added value and superior level of quality this activity gave to property once it became architecture and not merely building.

In 2005, Nathan founded NOM Design, and since then has worked on a good variety of projects, from apartments, to houses of character, small and large commercial development, both in the hospitality industry as well as the corporate office scenario. Moreover, every single project involves a fair degree of custom-made elements.  With a considerable level of hands on experience, Nathan today collaborates with the multidisciplinary professional skills at MJMDA, to hone his design output, and contribute hands on experience to the team, delivering projects of ever higher standards.

Now-a-days Nathan’s greatest pleasure is derived from combining aesthetics with the energy efficiency, maximising the quality of both the project and life in general for clients.