Rachel Attard

Rachel joined MJMDA as a graduate construction manager soon after she completed her Degree in Construction Engineering at MCAST in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO. After obtaining her A levels Rachel followed a three year course at MCAST, where she was awarded the Higher national Diploma certificate and the Degree in Construction Engineering. 

 In her final year Rachel focused on sustainability in the construction industry and in her dissertation she investigated the designing for disassembly for Maltese buildings. This introduced a strong interest in incorporating a sustainable disassembly philosophy into the projects that she is involved in, both in their actual designs and in the way that refurbishments and alterations are carried out in order to minimise the waste generated by the construction process. She also gives great importance to sustainability during the managements and operations of the buildings during their life time.

 Rachel aspires to continue studying in the future as she plans on following a Master of Science in Project Management programme. Rachel has a passion for travelling and adventure, in fact when she is not behind her desk she is either planning a vacation, hiking or camping under the stars.