Student Support

Each summer architecture students or students in other disciplines join our office to broaden their horizons and experience, whilst leaving an injection of energy and reminding all of us of the importance to dream.  MJMDA has regularly also participated in student exchange programmes including AIESTE.

2013 Internship team:

Full term internship: Mr. Sean Mayl, Ms. Zoe Mizzi, Mr. Stephen Xuereb Archer, Mr. James Dingli, Mr. Daniel Pace, Ms. Stacy Rapa

Part term internship: Ms. Carmen Bernardette Briffa

2012 Internship team:

Full term internship: Mr. Chris Griffiths & Mr. Ian Vella

Part term internship: Ms. Alexandra Manche, Ms. Gabriella Rizzo, Mr. Marco Bonanno & Ms. Linsday Boonstra

For 2011 the following architecture students formed part of our team:
Mr. Zack Xuereb Conti
Ms. Elaine Genovese
Mr. Stephen Xuereb Archer
Ms. Alexandra Manche

If you are interested in an internship with MJMDA, you should register your interest well in advance and in most cases no later than February of the year in question.  Summer students are normally in the office between July and September with the exception of a summer shutdown as the case may be.

MJMDA is always in continuous support of students throughout their academic year also, further strengthened by the fact that Senior Architect & Director Matthew J. Mercieca tutors design and is a Certified Autodesk Instructor.