The true passion of the founder of MJMDA, our architectural & interior design team delivers our strongest offering. MJMDA’s designs are reassuringly free from extremes or repetition.

Our interior designs are based on balance, functionality, and a degree of excitement through experience. When we produce a design we take initial and more detailed layouts and sketches to carefully scaled layouts. We test designs against requirements, for user flow and usability, for practicality.

The main deliverables for this stage are:

  1. A range of plans and layouts of varying levels of detail as required, but almost always including 1:50 level of detail layouts, with all facilities clearly identified.
  2. Sketches and visuals in a comprehensive design presentation for exterior and interior building aspects.
  3. Identification of ideal construction materials and finishes as well as furnishing and lighting concepts.
  4. Design Review meetings.
  5. Design updates and approvals.

A planning application usually follows the conclusion of this stage.


Integrated Design & Delivery Services

Adding the dimension of getting things done in one place and less to worry about for the client.

Integrated Design Services

Integrated Design is devised for all elements to work together from the start & performs all around.

Online Profiler

Dream projects enlightened and inspired with new lifestyle choice.

Project Visualisation

A careful photographic eye, detailed lighting & material simulations for breath-taking results.

Planning Applications

Respecting requirements & policies, assuring the amenity, usability and project quality intent.

Construction Contract Documentation | Management

In tandem with the structural engineering and building services engineering, documentation is key.

Structural Engineering

Efficiency and innovative solutions sought in the design across the process.

Building Services Engineering

Developing technologies and Building Management Systems – A defining core role for success.

Project Management

Consultancy & Site Control, Planning & Reporting – Getting the project done well.

Project Feasibility | Consultancy

We explore sites, their potential and apply any limitation that may exist in legal & planning terms.

Banking / Legal Related Services

A range of required documentation to aid project efficiency.