Ever present in the daily workflow at MJMDA, building services form a defining core role for the success of our buildings. We love developing technologies and Building Management Systems.

User experience is greatly enhanced by the implementation of the right technologies to supplement design intent. Indeed it is pivotal for our design process to prepare a detailed building services design covering electrical lighting and power, networking, security, audio-visual, air conditioning and ventilation, plumbing and drainage and automation. We are dedicated to both the performative aspects of lighting design and the technical aspects backing up that performance. Our work in this area sees our documentation supplemented with sizing requirements in all of the above disciplines. The availability of such data avoids work repetition and promotes efficiency whilst lessening site conflicts.


Integrated Design & Delivery Services

Adding the dimension of getting things done in one place and less to worry about for the client.

Integrated Design Services

Integrated Design is devised for all elements to work together from the start & performs all around.

Online Profiler

Dream projects enlightened and inspired with new lifestyle choice.

Architecture | Interior Design

Balance, functionality, and a degree of excitement through experience.

Project Visualisation

A careful photographic eye, detailed lighting & material simulations for breath-taking results.

Planning Applications

Respecting requirements & policies, assuring the amenity, usability and project quality intent.

Construction Contract Documentation | Management

In tandem with the structural engineering and building services engineering, documentation is key.

Structural Engineering

Efficiency and innovative solutions sought in the design across the process.

Project Management

Consultancy & Site Control, Planning & Reporting – Getting the project done well.

Project Feasibility | Consultancy

We explore sites, their potential and apply any limitation that may exist in legal & planning terms.

Banking / Legal Related Services

A range of required documentation to aid project efficiency.