This area of expertise started even before MJMDA was established in 2003. The founder was often depended on by several architectural firms in the early part of the new millennium as a staunch visualisation artist, using cutting edge tools for the time such as Silicon Graphics Visual Workstations. From early on the founder used licensed Autodesk 3D Studio Viz software to deliver the best in the sector.

The presence of many providers in this arena presently, of which a few are legitimate and licenced, MJMDA continues to strengthen its position although most of its efforts in this department benefit its contract clients.

Today’s IT setup with all the latest tools from Autodesk’s offering including AutoCAD Architecture, REVIT Architecture, 3D Studio Max Design, Autodesk Inventor Fusion, Autodesk Showcase and Autodesk Sketchbook Designer still places the firm as a benchmark in the sector. We have also progressed in the arena of computational design with the implementation of Rhinoceros & Grasshopper. Well equipped with latest Dell Workstations and Nvidia products, MJMDA provides a fast turnaround and response to visualisation needs.

Contract clients have the benefit of reducing their visualisation cost or eliminating it entirely, by way of MJMDA’s use of AutoCAD Architecture and other native 3D products. We possess a careful photographic eye and employ detailed lighting simulations and well as material simulation to give breath-taking results.

MJMDA has the capability to render farm jobs for high-end animations. In house we are inspired by all the latest releases by admirable companies such as PIXAR, who are pioneers on the international arena.


Integrated Design & Delivery Services

Adding the dimension of getting things done in one place and less to worry about for the client.

Integrated Design Services

Integrated Design is devised for all elements to work together from the start & performs all around.

Online Profiler

Dream projects enlightened and inspired with new lifestyle choice.

Architecture | Interior Design

Balance, functionality, and a degree of excitement through experience.

Planning Applications

Respecting requirements & policies, assuring the amenity, usability and project quality intent.

Construction Contract Documentation | Management

In tandem with the structural engineering and building services engineering, documentation is key.

Structural Engineering

Efficiency and innovative solutions sought in the design across the process.

Building Services Engineering

Developing technologies and Building Management Systems – A defining core role for success.

Project Management

Consultancy & Site Control, Planning & Reporting – Getting the project done well.

Project Feasibility | Consultancy

We explore sites, their potential and apply any limitation that may exist in legal & planning terms.

Banking / Legal Related Services

A range of required documentation to aid project efficiency.