31 July 2023



The end result had to give peace & quiet from the chaos of our lives. It had to be a high end shelter from the chaotic world we live in, a place to escape and feel protected.

Apart from that the villa had to have a high quality DNA through and through and have the capability to dazzle and wow, both in the entertainment spaces internally, but also spatially, materially, experientially.

The Concept

A top the hill lie the rocks that were called forts. Amidst the angst around the ages we rage on. Music borne of rests, shadow borne of light, place borne of space Cradling stillness in nature is the space between stones split by light, is the place where the disquiet world can become



Dis||quiet is tangible poetry. The design we created embraces the rhythm of the earth, the natural bouncing of light and the organic robustness of rock. Where forts once stood atop a hill, now something new is brought into being.

In a time where ones daily life consists of constant noise and frantic activity, one comes to appreciate every second of silence and repose that one can experience. The contemporary design approach is constantly striving to quieten spaces, be it with less materials, cleaner details and seamless integration which all inspired this design. This project seeks to explore ways to create silence, tries to bring out and resonate those fleeting moments.

Daily disquiet is replaced by THIS quiet.



Photography: Peter M Mercieca