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From Vision to Reality

When Matthew founded the firm in 2003, he had a vision of creating a practice that would carry projects from the early stages of concept development right through to their user-ready state. Since the company’s early days, MJMDA has consistently succeeded in committing to and delivering user-relevant and user-enhancing architectural solutions.

But the journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. The prevalent approach to architecture in Malta has been a fragmented one for such a long time that it is ingrained in the industry on the island. The effect is that an architect’s work is, more often than not, solely concerned with the creation of the shell rather than the architecture as a whole. The architect – or ‘Perit’ in Maltese – works within artificially constructed limitations in which he or she is only involved in the structural and permits-driven side of the process. This approach to architecture falls short of its mandate for people.

The MJMDA team breaks the mould in Malta. We consider the entire life cycle of the building and the project as well as the full spectrum of our capabilities as designers, architects, managers and creators. We offer real solutions that enhance personal and professional lives.



Limber Lattice – Office Complex

Nubis Business Centre

Location: Lija

Status: Completed

When people collaborate, they become greater than the sum of the group’s individual parts. Consequently, the space in which they work should inspire greatness. In the embrace of sound architecture, people flourish and their ability to focus and collaborate is enhanced. In Limber Lattice, the architecture was designed integrally, structuring the exterior and interior in a dexterous swipe. The unmissable grid on the façade optimises every aspect of the building. It is strung between two opposing walls to create spaces and volumes that inspire greatness and confidence. For more information about working in these superb offices, visit <a href=""></a> Photography: Peter M Mercieca Interiors in collaboration with Mr. Nathan Martin

DigitalLoft – Offices

Location: St. Julians

Status: Completed

Bright tones were introduced through furniture that contrasts with the exposed concrete ceiling and raised grey flooring. The intention here was to create an illusion of floating particles in space. Dark blue gradients into light blue to create greater depth and a sense of infinity of surfaces. The project composition, though, centres on a particular element: the square. It is the square that evolves into a cube within the digital space, and it determines the geometry of the main pieces of furniture, the lamps and sound-absorbing materials. Under the absence of gravity, materials and masses in the offices move in a non-homogenous way, occupying the three dimensions within the space. Then, the cube rotates, breaks against the wall’s flat surface and transforms into a two-dimensional hexagon. Completing the illusion, the circle elicits a sense of speed, sport and dream-like, celestial bodies. Testimonial: “Working with MJMDA was a super experience from beginning to end. From the very first day, the team committed to the project with passion. We had great interactions and debates during the design phase, but the best was yet to come in the implementation phase. The project management was possibly the strongest point as there were certainly some tricky moments to overcome during the project’s lifetime. MJMDA showed the highest level of professionalism, capability and commitment to creating the Altenar premises to the highest standard and on time.” – Mr Dinos Stranomitis, Altenar Ltd. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Working Woods – Offices

Location: Bkara

Status: Completed

On this project, the MJMDA team created an entire ecosystem based on functional layout and high-quality materials. This is where people can balance their wellbeing with performing at the height of their potential. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Minim Semi-D

Location: San Pawl Tat-Targa

Status: Completed

The front of the house opens onto a vibrant pool, deck and al fresco dining area with striking views. This is a place for enjoyment and for living in the here and now. The back garden is more secluded, so we designed it to nurture a more tranquil connection with nature. This is where time stands still and calmness is of the essence. Residents can sit back, rest and contemplate the past, present and future. The materials used were carefully selected to reflect these ideas and sensations. Timber is used throughout the property to bring nature indoors and facilitate a connection with the earth. Transitioning to the outside, we used a graded shade of wood to open up onto the natural light outdoors. After discussions with our client, we decided to make the property a functionally flexible space. We did so by designing moveable elements, like the sliding unit that is a mobile divider between the kitchen and the living and dining areas. Even the entrance hall contains a moveable unit that has the unique effect of adding variety to the links between key spaces on the property. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Carcass City Bar

Location: Valletta

Status: Completed

The MJMDA project team built on the building’s existing character. They peeled back the layers and revealed the real charm of the space. The bar’s lights, structure, organisation and rhythm play together to create a perfectly synthesised design. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Raw Edge

Location: San Gwann

Status: Completed

The design reaches its zenith in the lounge space, where bright shapes slide into each other. The bar is in the foreground, with bottles lining the walls and leading deep into a brightly lit crevice. This is a dynamic space, where contours and structures feel like they shift and move around. The MJMDA designers excelled in their manipulation of light on the Raw Edge property. Cosy nooks are hidden away, but the glow of light grows ever more inviting the closer you get. This is a space that radiates peace, passion and love.


Location: Floriana

Status: Completed

Every day, an agglomeration of departments, tasks, people and their various backgrounds and cultures flow through and co-exist in the MAPFRE MSV offices. Crafting a space that both captures and facilitates the inner workings of the organisation was paramount. The MJMDA team devised a microcosm in which every unique individual can derive peace and motivation. The design’s triangulated lines are an architectural rendition of the multi-faceted nature of the business being conducted. And the flooring is no-nonsense, polished concrete – except in areas where the focus is on socialisation and calls for a calmer mood.

Smart Cow – Offices

Smart Cow

Location: Balluta Bay

Status: Completed

With MJMDA’s hallmark method of designing multifunctional custom elements in spaces, the centre of the office is populated with a sophisticated partition.  It adds: a high end brand backdrop and signage location, division and organisation of space, movement through its steel framework, acoustic performance through the yellow triangular elements, a custom light fitting with a natural leaf shadow effect, and even storage. &nbsp; Photography: Peter M Mercieca


Architecture is so much more than a chaotic by-product of necessity.
The spaces in which we spend most of our lives should feel like an extension of ourselves. When creating a bespoke product, a cut-and-paste approach simply doesn’t cut it.

At MJMDA, we choose integration over fragmentation. We design holistically.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece of the process is crucial but never as meaningful as when part of the whole. Framing a project as a whole is crucial to smooth implementation and a successful, user-relevant and user-enhancing outcome. From beginning to end, our multidisciplinary team covers all aspects of concept creation, implementation and finishing for you.

We innovate to excel and evolve.

We work through a lens of human-centred innovation. Pioneering the services we offer keeps MJMDA at the forefront of professional services in architecture.
You’ll find us at the frontline of the latest design tools and software, international trends and developments in manufacturing and equipment. This is how we develop well-considered, cutting-edge products of life-changing substance and visionary style.

Our innovative drive and transparent processes have earned us the priceless trust of the clients, contractors and artisans with whom we collaborate. Our sound reputation and iconic projects have also been written about locally and internationally in the cultural press as well as academic journals and magazines.




Team MJMDA translated our verbal requests into several design options with innovations and practicality. Their professions and experiences helped us select and modify the best choice, resulting in an excellent environment! It is pleasant to work in such an office.

Ravi Kiran CEO

SmartCow AI Technologies Ltd



MAPFRE MSV Life plc has recently completed a total refurbishment of their offices at The Mall in Floriana. We entrusted MJMDA with this project under the direct stewardship of Matthew Mercieca for innovative interior design and architecture, sourcing of all materials and project management. The result was state-of-the-art offices that we are all proud of. We recommend MJMDA without any reservation and we will work with them again at our next opportunity. Well Done!

Norman Mifsud Chief Officer Corporate Services




Working with MJMDA was a great experience all the way. I still remember the day we first discussed the project and the passion MJMDA committed. Great interaction and debate during the design phase but still, the best was the implementation part. The project management was possibly the strong point and even in some difficult moments, MJMDA showed a high level of professionalism, capability, and commitment to deliver the ALTENAR premises at best quality and on time.

Mr. Dinos Stranomitis

Altenar Ltd.



MJMDA have been ideal multi-discipline professional services providers for the creation of NuBis Centre and other projects. We wanted a highly detailed and integrated design akin to the way Japan develops its architecture, and the skill set at MJMDA was ready for just that. The result is something we are proud of, and that gives importance to our people and their well-being, as well as the operation of our business. It was an added joy that the building won the Quality Architecture Award from the Chamber of Architects in 2019. After acquiring the land, Matthew from MJMDA asked for the opportunity to make a presentation for the design concept. Once he presented it, I knew immediately that his concept was high quality and that the project could be greatly enhanced using MJMDA’s knowledge. Thus we took his initial design, refined it even further and submitted it to MEPA. Once we entered the construction phase, MJMDA provided me with full working drawings, BOQ’s, and full tenders, well in time to be able to able to move in almost 2 years to the day from breaking ground. That the project was also declared the winner for best build completed in 2019 was the cherry on the cake!

Tony Zahra, Chairman & Nicholas Zahra, Chief Investment Officer

Alpine Group



Prior to completing the purchase of my apartment contacted MJMDA in order to find out if my aspirations were possible. Immediately realised they were the ones we wanted to go with because of their ideas and informative approach, as well as providing great value. They conducted a detailed survey and sat down with me to confirm my ideas. The project required detailed plans for internal layout changes, including structural calculations. The consultation process was easy and stress free, and they soon had on paper my aspirations. They provided a number of drawings, plans, building consents, building regulations and structural calculations in preparation for the work to be tendered. MJMDA have provided an excellent service and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for further work.



MJMDA have been our architects for the past 6 years and we have used their design and project management services for our offices, residence and factory. Their service has been of the highest standard and integrity. We recommend them without reservation.



Fantastic Architects with attention to detail all the way! We engaged MJMDA for full finishing of our apartment. The result is a fully functional modern space, giving us much needed storage in areas we never thought possible, and made our home practical and comfortable, not to mention all the thought that went into the lighting scenes and networking. Also cannot not mention the Online Profiler service they have… got out all the differences my wife and I had and was an eye opener on the many things we forgot we wanted or even needed. This together with their excellent service really removes a lot of the guess work and reduces the stress of any project. Keep up the great job and Thank you!



We quickly decided to engage professionals for our project, we were not disappointed with our choice. MJMDA gave us a great living space Only true specialists can provide. Creating a wonderful Ambience through natural light & sophisticated lighting systems, with functionality through out our home at the forefront of every design. A Very dedicated team always available to transform their unique ideas to reality during working faze of project, their expertise was essential for works to be carried out in a professional way and reaching the desired finish whilst working hand in hand with people employed for such jobs. My wife and I will like to take this opportunity to thank MJMDA for Creating a wonderful habitation for all to enjoy.



MJMDA looked after our new apartment project before we got married in 2011. We met on various occasions to give briefs, preferences and requirements. When we started this project, getting across exactly what my husband and I wanted seemed impossible, until we saw the first draft designs. We were stunned. It was almost exactly what we were after right from the get go. All the toing and froing after that simply fine tuned the designs and furnishings. We were thrilled! The process was smooth and very professional. MJMDA took our project to heart and we could feel that each recommendation they made was aimed at ensuring the bigger picture would be fab, and it sure was. We love our home. It’s stylish but above all it’s practical. Thank you MJMDA