Homes: Born and Reincarnated


San Pawl Tat-Targa




Finalised June 2019

This property is bounded on one side while enjoying vast openness on the other. From this striking characteristic, we drew an analogy with how the brain works: the left side is closed, achieving functionality and categorising everything that comes in from the outside – or from the right side.

The front of the house opens onto a vibrant pool, deck and al fresco dining area with striking views. This is a place for enjoyment and for living in the here and now.

The back garden is more secluded, so we designed it to nurture a more tranquil connection with nature. This is where time stands still and calmness is of the essence. Residents can sit back, rest and contemplate the past, present and future.

The materials used were carefully selected to reflect these ideas and sensations. Timber is used throughout the property to bring nature indoors and facilitate a connection with the earth. Transitioning to the outside, we used a graded shade of wood to open up onto the natural light outdoors.

After discussions with our client, we decided to make the property a functionally flexible space. We did so by designing moveable elements, like the sliding unit that is a mobile divider between the kitchen and the living and dining areas. Even the entrance hall contains a moveable unit that has the unique effect of adding variety to the links between key spaces on the property.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca