Working Well


Balluta Bay




June 2022

“Everything you can imagine; nature has already created”, Albert Einstein.

Here the Jammers bring together nature and technology fused together in a single concept of interior space, expressive in form, with the use of basic materials but with a cutting edge.

With MJMDA’s hallmark method of designing multifunctional custom elements in spaces, the centre of the office is populated with a sophisticated partition.  It adds: a high end brand backdrop and signage location, division and organisation of space, movement through its steel framework, acoustic performance through the yellow triangular elements, a custom light fitting with a natural leaf shadow effect, and even storage.


Photography: Peter M Mercieca



Team MJMDA translated our verbal requests into several design options with innovations and practicality. Their professions and experiences helped us select and modify the best choice, resulting in an excellent environment! It is pleasant to work in such an office.

Ravi Kiran CEO

SmartCow AI Technologies Ltd