Working Well


St. Julians




Finalised May 2019

Zero Gravity is the remarkable property that houses the Altenar offices in Malta. Together with our client, we saw a strong vision come to fruition.

The property lent itself to the creation of loft ambience. The open space works well with the industrial style, and the design and layout crucially left the property’s main structural components exposed.

Bright tones were introduced through furniture that contrasts with the exposed concrete ceiling and raised grey flooring. The intention here was to create an illusion of floating particles in space. Dark blue gradients into light blue to create greater depth and a sense of infinity of surfaces.

The project composition, though, centres on a particular element: the square. It is the square that evolves into a cube within the digital space, and it determines the geometry of the main pieces of furniture, the lamps and sound-absorbing materials.

Under the absence of gravity, materials and masses in the offices move in a non-homogenous way, occupying the three dimensions within the space. Then, the cube rotates, breaks against the wall’s flat surface and transforms into a two-dimensional hexagon. Completing the illusion, the circle elicits a sense of speed, sport and dream-like, celestial bodies.

Testimonial: “Working with MJMDA was a super experience from beginning to end. From the very first day, the team committed to the project with passion. We had great interactions and debates during the design phase, but the best was yet to come in the implementation phase. The project management was possibly the strongest point as there were certainly some tricky moments to overcome during the project’s lifetime. MJMDA showed the highest level of professionalism, capability and commitment to creating the Altenar premises to the highest standard and on time.” – Mr Dinos Stranomitis, Altenar Ltd.

Photography: Peter M Mercieca



Working with MJMDA was a great experience all the way. I still remember the day we first discussed the project and the passion MJMDA committed. Great interaction and debate during the design phase but still, the best was the implementation part. The project management was possibly the strong point and even in some difficult moments, MJMDA showed a high level of professionalism, capability, and commitment to deliver the ALTENAR premises at best quality and on time.

Mr. Dinos Stranomitis

Altenar Ltd.