01 August 2023

Working Well


The client wanted a refurbishment of spaces that embodies the core values of the company. Apart from that a diversity of spaces was required for the complexity of functions the company performs. From specific meeting spaces, auditorium, canteen, and syndicate rooms were required. Furthermore, an approach to bring together people at the core and flowing through the building was required in order to foster better culture.

The Concept

MJMDA is honored to have received MASP Awards special commendation for our project Theatre of Life|MSVLife office refurbishment project.

Every day, an agglomeration of departments, tasks, people and their various backgrounds and cultures flow through and co-exist in the MAPFRE MSV offices. Crafting a space that both captures and facilitates the inner workings of the organisation was paramount.

The MJMDA team devised a microcosm in which every unique individual can derive peace and motivation. The design’s triangulated lines are an architectural rendition of the multi-faceted nature of the business being conducted. And the flooring is no-nonsense, polished concrete – except in areas where the focus is on socialisation and calls for a calmer mood.



Photography: Peter M Mercieca