Old Spine - New Space

Location : Lija

Status : In progress

Moving into an older edifice is a curious scenario of combining an existing space with a new dream that is being introduced by its new occupants. A house that has been built to cater for the needs of an older generation will never be exactly matching the newer generation. This implies a transition of the built fabric to the new way of living and in order to achieve this, there is much to be said in listening to what the existing building is giving. The residence is by its very nature has a very elongated axial layout with two long spaces that are bisected by a central sturdy wall. This wall creates the effect of a sping on which the various spaces, functions and flows hang on. This meant that the various walls that were seeming to block this connection from one side to the other, need to open up and therefore obtain a bright and airy space filled with light and transparency. There is much more opportunity to obtain a certain level of cleanliness. This is continued in the upper floor as well as the cleaning away of various accretions in the form of small storage rooms make way to a new master bedroom that still allows this open flow and generosity to the various spaces.