Zen Gardens

Location : Swieqi

Status : In progress

The design is envisaged as an oasis of peace and a space for meditation among the greenery, Zen garden and sound of flowing water. The project is designed as a Duplex: Level (Third Floor) with the Bedrooms and private meditative Zen Garden and Level (Fourth Floor) with Living, Kitchen, Dining, Outdoor Lounge, Terrace and Pool. All 2 levels are interconnected with flowing greenery that follows its way down series of steel meshes, which also act as semi-transparent privacy screen. The levels are also visually interconnected through glass-bottomed pool, overlooks, open spiral staircase, mesh flooring, etc.

The design adds a sense of dynamism with constantly moving foliage, shimmering reflections of sunlight coming through the pool glazing, thereby softening the static building mass. The trained plant climbers on the steel mesh will create changing geometric pattern for added interest.

Overall, the design takes advantage of its corner location, enhancing the streetscape and the living quality of the inhabitants.