Newtech Service Centre

Location : B'Kara

Status : Completed Sep 2011


The Newtech outlet aims at satisfying the needs of the contemporary nomadic technophile.  A multi-size, multi-provider, multi-brand, and ultimately a multi-cultural existence in urban lifestyle today, suggested a similarly eclectic multi-coloured approach for the store.  Amidst the visual richness of colour with an underlying oversized pixelated sensation however, simplicity abounds.  Everything else is monochromatic, and highly disciplined and organised.  The layout itself brings us back to a sense of space and circulation important to any nomad, despite being within a city.  So a retail culture of lessened pressure selling ,makes for what people search for more: an experience of serenity and relaxation as one deals with the technological aspects of their life that seem to be only stressful.