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Start well and you are bound to reap good results. At MJMDA, we know that getting to know our clients well is crucial if we are to deliver a customised architectural design solution. As a result, we dedicate time to the task of compiling a brief.


MJMDA has since 2006 employed a rigorous analogue profiling and client questioning system that results in a detailed brief. In 2011 we have launched a unique online profiler, initially for our residential clients, to go through this process in a live, interactive interface with visual feedback and imagery that guides users to define what they need.

This tool has been launched internationally not only to better service our local community, but more importantly to assist all persons embarking on a project to be prepared. Admittedly, developing a project costs a great deal. However, we find through our clients, that when one has the funding for their dream projects, the ground work to get going is not done. At minimal cost or no cost [if you move on to become and MJMDA Contract Client] you can, from the comfort of your home, slowly build up your profile [usually takes between 2-4hrs and can be done in parts and saved for future use] so that it is ready when you need it. You can also easily tweak it when you are enlightened and inspired with new lifestyle choice.

The online profiler addresses:

  1. Your overall vision.
  2. Attempts to understand the visual comfort zones you have.
  3. Defines each project area be it living, cooking, sleeping areas for residential or offices & shops for commercial.
  4. Assists to make important decisions in relation to materials preferences, building services, brands, etc.
  5. Estimates your required budget range.
  6. Defines timelines and project methodology.
  7. Give you a report of all your preferences.

Give this fantastic ground breaking tool a run. A nominal standard fee of €50 inc. Vat will apply when taking this questionnaire when users avail themselves of this facility. 



"I had done up our first apartment with no assistance, with the obvious consequences! I knew I had to engage a multi-disciplinary firm such as MJMDA. Following their recommendations to compile a detailed brief, I released how few questions I had asked myself in my first project, and how being asked the right questions brought what we wanted to fruition in a fantastic way!" Mr. Gianfranco Stellini, Private Client.

"I like to have control over every aspect of my business. When we engaged MJMDA to carry out our office design, the profiling tools used assisted in defining what we actually needed before we knew we did. The results are great and years down the line, our operations still run smoothly thanks to the additional effort of having started right." Mr. Andre Micallef, MFSP Financial Ltd.

"MJMDA were our selected architects & designers for our new head office in Malta. They seemed to promise a lot initially compared to other architects on our short list. Our faith in their work was handsomely repaid when they delivered, on time, more than they had promised. The profiling and briefing tools they took us through before any designs were prepared worked very well and allowed us to go through the motions of setting up our offices here by asking the right questions." Ms. Una O'Brien, International Holding company - head office opened on Malta in 2010.

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