Joseph Vella

Successfully obtaining a Technician Certificate in Civil Draughtsmanship in 2004 Joe carried out his apprenticeship years with Demicoli & Associates, forming part of the team for an additional two years. Here he assisted in the architectural process for a number of small to large scale commercial, multi-residential and industrial projects. Simultaneously Joe gained valuable experience in the implementation of the MEPA application process for a diversity of proposals.   

In 2007 Joe joined the expanding team of MJMDA. The intense unified design approach atmosphere he found deeply influenced his outlook towards Architecture & Design and has since fuelled him to further develop and refine his skills in Architectural and interior detailing. Joe has also gained proficiency in Project Management, Tendering procedures, Cost estimation, Quantity surveying, amongst other skills. Being the reference point for all MEPA applications within the office, Joe is constantly keeping updated with all relevant policy and legislative amendments.

‘If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still’. Having been a core member of the team on the firm’s 10 year anniversary, Joe looks forward to the next 10 years with motivation and passion.

In 2018 he took charge of the Projects pipeline management at MJMDA, leveraging his long standing experience in the firm in the position of Projects Manager apart from earning Associate status the prior year.